Golden rules for writing a thesis

Writing a degree thesis is not an easy task, since the language that must be used must be formal, academic and with the respective technical words or technicality of the specialty with which you are working.

Under the internationally recognized standardized norms with which you decide to work. Likewise, great care must be taken with spelling and writing, having a good coherence and cohesion with what is written. Looking for clarity, that the ideas remain ordered and accurate.

Writing, what is it?

We must remember that writing is the way that man has to express their ideas and knowledge in written form. Each language has its characteristics, since it is one of the ways to understand what is wanted to express.

If it is not governed by any rule, we will not be able to understand what it is that we want to express and it will end up being only symbols and figures printed on paper. Hence the importance of knowing what are the rules of spelling and writing of any writing. In this article we will discuss the Spanish language and focus on its use when writing a thesis.

In turn, the academic writing is a content developed around a topic of study and must be written applying established rules. These norms can be the APA, Vancouver, any other that indicates the educational institution or the teacher

Many of the university students have problems to write a thesis of degree or any other type of academic work. This is due to weaknesses in the writing and also use a colloquial language (colloquial writing). This language to share with family and friends is the ideal, but at the time of writing the document is not correct. Therefore, it is necessary to identify what the colloquial language consists of. what we will do later in this article. We will begin with the characteristics of the writing to write a thesis of degree.

Characteristics of the writing at the time of writing a thesis

One of the characteristics that the thesis of degree must have in its presentation corresponds to the norms of writing and printing at the moment of the delivery of the volume. That’s why the need to know some golden rules to write a thesis degree.

Although each university has its own style, this article is structured in the APA Standards, which are international and with which universities are governed worldwide. These rules indicate:

  • The type and size of the letters.
  • The way in which the textual quotes are presented.
  • The titles and subtitles.
  • The spacing between lines and between paragraphs.
  • The margins and indentations.
  • The pagination or numbers of pages.

And no less important, the paper where the work is printed. If it is on one side or double side, letter size and whose standard measurements are 8.50 x 11 inches.

Within this context, there are universities that use Vancouver standards and ISO 690 for writing their research papers. Therefore, you should only review them and adjust your work according to these requirements, before printing or scanning.

I usually review the final work, and then I save it in a pdf format. This way I can use any other equipment regardless of the version of the program that is installed. When printing the document published in pdf format, the pages will not be run or the margins and indentations will be lost. Especially it is recommended for those theses that have many degrees, graphs, tables and figures.

Importance of writing when writing a thesis

What really presents difficulty is writing, specifically in the writing and spelling that should be used in this type of work. Why?. Because most of us have the tendency to write as we speak, with idioms, words “mochas” and we do not have a very broad lexicon.

When we are students, we incorporate into our language technical words of the career that we are studying and which, we will only use it when we are with colleagues or in exams. That is understood, since imagine that you are in a family meeting with people of different professions and each of them speak according to their specialty, we would end up without understanding each other.

However, these technical words will give formality and seriousness to the thesis. They are necessary and important. We can not write content without coherence, spelling mistakes, in the first person and of course without having a notion of writing.

According to the importance of this aspect, which is not reflected in the manuals given by the university, I will give you some recommendations that we can call some Golden Rules for writing a thesis.