Degree of difficulty in theses thesis?

Academic research has its degree of difficulty. Especially for those university students who have weaknesses in document writing. This is because most people write as we speak. In this way, I can point out that in my years of experience I have acquired habits for the writing of the document. However, there are always moments that I do not know how to develop the idea and I end up changing the subject. Therefore, I recognize that it is not easy, but not impossible not to develop a well structured content.

I always told my students, that they would write all the content first and after they organized the ideas. In this way they avoid abrupt jumps between one topic and another. So if you’re talking about strategies, finish your idea and start with the next one. Do not allow yourself to return to the topic of strategy after you have developed another topic.

Develop several drafts of the contents

Also, after a first draft, start placing the grammatical connectors at the beginning of each paragraph. In this way you will avoid repeating them. In this way, you will achieve fluency in the development of the topic.

Make all the number of drafts you need, to perfect what you want to write, believe me it will be worth it. The writing must start from the moment of selecting the title of the thesis of degree. This is because the thesis title is one of the key activities for the development of the research. Therefore, if we do not have a degree, how will we know what we are going to do? In addition, to register your Academic Work in the university, it is the first thing that you must have ready.

Statistics related to the difficulty in writing the degree thesis

According to studies conducted by specialists in the field, pointed out by Carlos Muñozen his book How to prepare and advise a thesis research. The results obtained were the following:

45% have problems to choose the Topic, 17% the area where the research will be carried out, and the remaining 38% have other factors.

These aspects are directly related to the choice of the title of the thesis or research.

If you have a thesis topic, you can prepare a proposal

Thus, most researchers have problems in writing the title of their research. Possibly because they are not correctly oriented on the subject. This has as a consequence that in many opportunities the title indicates a theme and another develops.

Likewise, the thesis title is so extensive that the research is difficult to complete and, in addition, at the time of selecting the objectives of the research, they are confused, since the subject is not properly delimited.

When this happens, the teacher begins to make important changes to the content of the thesis, in the objectives and to try to adapt the title of the research. Wasting time and effort and most importantly, discouraging the student, who considers that the thesis is a strenuous and very complicated work.

Previously develop an article that is related to the title of the work of degree, I invite you to visit the following link How to choose the title of the Thesis of Degree, in the you will find other complementary aspects with those that will help you to develop the title of the thesis .

Due to the importance of selecting a title according to the research, I will give you 10 additional recommendations that can guide you so that you can select the one that best identifies your research.